Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things 90's kids realize

I was recently exposed to a site called Things 90s Kids Realize and was surprised at how spot-on most of the posts were. The site is pretty self-explanatory; it lists different phases/trends of the 90s and critiques them how kids who grew up in the 90s would. Characters such as Steve Urkel, the Mario Brothers crew, Pinky and the Brain and the Magic School Bus are discussed, sometimes incorporating today’s trends with great humor.
Many of the topics reveal “the good life” of the children of the 90s. Hey, I loved the ever-changing trends that I experienced while growing up; slap bracelets, jelly shoes Dunkeroos and Hey Arnold! were some of my favorites. Gel pens were probably the bestthough. What was cooler than drawing all over yourself as well as your friends and having it wash off in an instant? Although there was always that one friend who wrote WAY too hard and it hurt like hell. Every product trend was something that I “had to have” and every clothing trend was something that I “needed to wear or I’d have been a loser!” Looking back, I’m sure I wouldn’t have died if I didn’t have the latest gel pen color or wear the newest scrunchie or slap bracelet, but who knows.
And not that there was much to do on a Saturday night when you’re 8 or 9 anyways, but I would have much rather watched the weekly Snick lineup than have sleepovers with my friends. I got my advice from Clarissa Explains It All, Are You Afraid of the Dark and The Secret World of Alex Mack, and thought those shows discussed all the problems that my pre-teen self was enduring. Speaking of the best TV shows ever, Doug is #1 in my book. The episodes were always entertaining and I was never disappointed in the situations that Doug got himself into or the sweet songs that the Beets came up with. Carmen San Diego and Waldo were a whole new story. I don’t even want to know how many hours I spend furiously looking for them. And where the heck did Bill Nye go? Everything I know relating to science I most certainly learned from his quirky but informative videos. Back in the 90s guys were drooling over vampire slayers like Buffy and now we have the stupid vampires winning at life, which leads me to believe that kids are learning the wrong things these days. On the topic of winning at life, the show All That definitely did. All That was essentially Saturday Night Live for kids and the original cast was definitely the best.
The 90s will forever be known as an epic decade thanks to everyone from that generation. After all, we did coin the phrase “da bomb.” You’re welcome.